Country Living.

Happy Friday everyone hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy it with the ones you love!

Country Living is so my style. I love roaming the fields in the long summer evenings and I am so blessed to live on my own land were I can take a walk down the field and no one can annoy me, its just bliss. I bought this bike with my basket about 6 months after my mum passed away with cancer as I needed time to heal and this was my ticket.

Long cycle outings in the summer is so good for your soul, you know that feeling of flying down a hill and the wind blowing through your hair, you take both feet of the peddles and freewheel? Its so good for your soul to let your hair down and feel the freedom of getting away from life’s troubles.

I could not be without my bike. In fact I am the kinda girl who would love to live in a village were there is no cars and we cycle in the morning for our fresh bottled milk and fresh bread to the local market. I am not a fan of large supermarkets I love the old style of life. Do you know that kinda lifestyle I am talking about? Well that’s a dream lifestyle for me, but one I am sure others do live.

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