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Vintage Bikes

Vintage Bikes

Being a great lover of all things vintage it is no surprise when I was asked by my hubby what type of bike would you like? I said VINTAGE style you know the ones with the basket on the front and the big handlebars? So after looking at every make over the summer from the {Pashley,Raleigh and Pendleton I decided to buy a Jupiter. I have found myself wanting to go out on my bike every day.  There is something about this bike that when I am on it I feel alive and the comfort of the seat is amazing, people say they are hard to cycle up hills but I have to say my bike is brill on the hills. It wasn’t a month ago I could hardly walk up the hill towards our home as I was out of breath. I felt so unfit and now I am speeding up the hills on my new found love. I am sure you will agree it is a stunning bike.

Vintage Bike by juanitaI love the duckegg blue and cream colour. For some reason it makes me think of Ice cream and Strawberrys no idea why this is?? Vintage Bike

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