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My session fee of £100 is for my time and talent on the day of your session all images can be bought at your viewing stage and you can see my products in the info page!

Thank you gifts

Thank you gifts.

I was so blown away last week but didn’t have the time to blog at how nice it is when your clients buy you a gift. I have to say I have been very blessed with good clients and the thank you gifts I have received over the years has touched me greatly especially the cards thinking of you when my mum passed away. I was so amazed at how many people took the time to let me know they had me in their thoughts. So thank you to all who sent cards and phoned me at this time. I have took a couple of photos of the lovely flowers I received last week. These gifts came from two different clients in one week amazing!!

Flowers for NI Photographer juanita cummings

This jug sits in my kitchen, it is so as a gift for juanita cummingsThank you gift for NI Wedding Photographer juanita cummings

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