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Stampin up

Stampin Up

What inspired me? Is the question I hear in my head as I write this post! To create,to have fun,to make others smile I think all this comes to mind when I ask the question about card making. Well good afternoon everyone I would love to share a gift with you which I received this morning from the lovely Sharon Davidson. Sharon is a Stampin up demonstrator for stampin up uk I came across Sharon last November time or so when I was looking for something new for my photography business. I wanted to set myself a challenge to find products for my company that not everyone had? I craved for something that would show my personality and set me aside from others within my Industry. I searched the net for a long time and finally I discovered Sharon and Stampin up and what a change she has made not only to me as a person but also to the way I look at my business. I have the joy of making AMAZING LITTLE CARDS,BAGS AND BOXES you can see some here all from card stock and the bling of course adds to what I do.

Stamping Up card handmade

I have had the pleasure of making lovely CD covers and nice bags for candy as a gift for others, some times life isn’t always about what others can do for you but rather what you can do for them. If making something so simple like a little card to help bring a smile to someones face wasn’t it worth taking the time to do so?  I received this butterfly card this morning from Sharon and the new catalogue for the Summer 2015 Stampin Up! It’s such a big part of my life now as a Photographer and I hope you enjoy looking through their magazine also if this is your kinda thing. Christmas past in 2014 the boys and I where able to make their teachers lovely handmade cards that the children designed totally on their own and then we made shortbread and wrapped it up in clear bags and tied with a ribbon. It was so special not only for me to watch the children take items from our home and make gifts but to also have time together as a family, those are the things that when I am no longer living my children will have fond memories of just as I have with my mum when I was growing up.

Stampin uk CatalougeStamping up Catalogue Stamping up catalogue

You can see more of Stampin up projects here with Sharon Davidson. Also this link will take you straight to the stampin up website Here.

Make sure you choose Sharon as your demonstrator as she is a great lady!!

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