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The Sound of the Countryside

The Sound of the Countryside..

The sound of the countryside and country living is amazing every morning I wake up here I fell so blessed and to be honest for the first 6 months my son felt as though we where living in a home belong to someone else. His words where ” I fell as though I am minding this house for others and someday they will tell me I have to go home” While I sit in my office and reflect on my day so far and I am greeted with the lovely sound of the birds singing and the sheep baaing, it really makes me so thankful that we stuck with the hardship of buying the land and building our home.

The view from our home Northern Ireland Wedding Photographers

There is something nice about watching the stars at night in the countryside you see so many more than you would living with street lights. I hope to be able to add a post about this soon.

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