Babies,Children and Family Photographer

Be sure to checkout myself in action on my home page and scroll down the page to the video!

My session fee of £100 is for my time and talent on the day of your session all images can be bought at your viewing stage and you can see my products in the info page!

New Packaging

New Packaging

I spent way to long looking for new packaging for my dvd’s and Pen drives to be finished in. I checked every site possible to have something different and unique to my style and nothing was popping out at me, thats when I decided to design my own. Its like not having two cups the same in my Cupboard. I wanted something different, I’m so glad I got just what I wanted when I went down the road of designing my own. YES its loads more work but so worth it for my style or brand if you would like to call it. I have uploaded a few of my packages that went out today to the first of my customers and I am so looking forward to the new year to have a little bit of time for more ideas.

New Packaging


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