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New Materials

New Materials

On Saturday I got the opportunity to call into my local material shop and have a quick browse through some new materials. When i go into a creative shop i am in my Glory my mind goes into over time with all the ideas that are bouncing around my head.  I am in the process of changing my photography business and how a look at my work as a whole. I wanted something unique for my wedding albums and what better way than to make my very own bags.

I have taken a view images of the new materials i bought and i can’t make them quick enough. I have had great feedback from my customers on how lovely they are. There is so many ways of making bags and as i go along i am finding the most amazing materials and designs.

material by juanita cummings ni photographerribbons by ni photographer juanita cummingsI loved this Handmade label and I am having my own

custom made labels produced.DSC_4883DSC_4885I have made for the first time my own cushion with some of my spare material cuttings..
handmade cushion by northern ireland wedding photographerNi wedding photographer juanita cummings

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