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My Need to be a Photographer.

Back in 2005, I lay in my bed one night and the words my husband heard were,” I want to be a Photographer”. Now bare in mind I had just had a baby about 4 months ago, and my husband thought I had baby blues, he laughed and said “YOU a PHOTOGRAPHER”? Of course I had been thinking of photography for years and while I needed in the early days to work in a factory to be able to save hard to build up my home. We both knew when that time would come when I would leave my work to have my children and going back to the factory wasn’t an option.

I had always dreamed that when my children would come along, if I was blessed enough to have any I would be the sort of mummy who would bake buns do paintings and learn my children how to count.  We even managed to learn to count to 10 in Spanish as I went to the Tech for evening classes and having a Spanish name like Juanita I always wanted to be able to carry this through with learning the language.

Anyway I took my youngest boy to tech with me in 2005. He went into the baby creche while I was studying my HND in Photography. I had the passion for photography and dreamed for years of one day living the dream. The dream were I could have the balance of taking pictures and bringing up my boys, so I thank the Lord after all my studying I finally started my own business in September of 2006 while I continued to study.  Since then I have been so blessed to have had the pleasure of living my dream.

I work during the hours when the boys are at school and when they come home I am mummy again. I work late most nights but I feel it is worth it to be able to work for yourself. It isn’t easy and there is many a day I wish I had married a rich hubby, only joking but I did marry a supportive one and he has been with me through the rough and the smooth. Someone once said in business you need skin like an elephant and they weren’t joking….

I have the most amazing parents any girl could ever wish for as when I am away photographing a wedding my children stay with their grandparents, they are like second parents. My boys love them very much and their grandparents have a massive place within their wee hearts.

This is to all those amazing grandparents who look after their grandchildren while the mums and dads are away……

j x


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