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Light houses

There is something so peaceful about a light house! Well last week flew by. I have been so busy editing wedding albums portrait sittings and not mention the good all favorite films. On Saturday i said to my hubby i just want to get away today somewhere peaceful with no phones ringing and no computers as i have been snowballed all week between work and school home-works i needed a break.

We heading to a place i had longed to go for a very long time it was called st Johns point, when i mention that word i have to say i could ramble all day about it. It was like a really exciting History lesson, not that i liked History at school but if i had of been taught like Saturdays trip i would have learned so so much more.

I had taken this photo out of my iphone as taking my camera was the last thing i wanted to do on my day off….

I had always saw the light house from Newcastle, but it seem to be very far away and i always promised myself some day i will try and find my way to it. So Saturday was that day, i put the puppy dog eyes on and said to my hubby “please please do the drive with me” i so want to pay a visit. We drove for ages up every country road possible, we even saw sheep on the road been taking to the next field it was pure county down and pure country life i was loving every minute. The view of the mountains was amazing i felt as though i was driving in the mountains they where so near..

We finally arrived. Parked our car and took the short walk to the light house, it was just as i had imagined it to be i love every thing to do with the sea it make me feel alive and truly spiritual. We stopped at this old ruin of a building as i was so inspired to read about how in the 11th to 13th century how this little church was one of the first buildings where the Christian people worshiped i could almost imagine being there it was so unreal and worth the drive…

Happy Monday
j x

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