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Lemons and their use around your home

Lemons and their use around your home

I have found a new love for Lemons whether its the smell or the how clean they make my chrome taps i can’t decide but after buying this amazing wee magazine in Eason’s i cant get enough of LEMONS. I went today to buy a lemon tree to go with my Orange tree B&Q just didn’t have any so will just have to keep looking. So the magazine tells me if i put Bicarbonate of Soda and white Vinegar down my drains not only will it unblock them but also leave them smelling good i tried this and thought it was good but not so keen on the Vinegar. I loved the lemon juice and the soda mixed together i thought they made a brilliant paste for the taps and once i had washed it off my taps where gleaming….

DSC_4814After going to the website i read this magazine is a one off i can’t believe it’s not a monthly mag hope they change their minds as its a refreshing change from buying magazines that are full of advertising.DSC_4820DSC_4826DSC_4828DSC_4832Sweet William look so good in the Kitchen i bought this bunch for a wapping £1.50 can you believe that and they look amazing i just love them this photo was taken after 1 week of them in the vase..DSC_4836Another wee tip if you put the lemon when you are almost done into your dish washer in between cycles it will leave it a lovely smell just make sure to take it out before washing your dishes.

I hoped you enjoyed this blog post and maybe leave me some of your ideas of cleaning your home with natural products?

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