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Handmade bags

My Handmade Bags.

At last i have started to make my new bags and just in time for one going out this week to a new customer. I have so enjoying the whole process and i look forward to making many more.  Its good to make them before the busy season starts as before i know it christmas will be here and i will be back to editing mode all over the winter again. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to complete all that has to be done.

I have promised myself i am going to work harder so i can have more time to spend with my boys.  I am considering sending my work to the companies that do all the editing to allow me more time behind the camera, as hours and hours of photoshop isn’t what i love, having my camera in my hand and capturing loads of memories is so much more important. Even the memories of my own life with my two boys as this weekend was so good we packed the sledge and off we went not to the snow, but the sand in Murlough Beach.  Its was so so much fun and i enjoyed hours of the boys pulling me up the hill and jumping on me as i screamed the whole way down the hill.

Handmade bagsHandmade bags purplehandmade bagsHandmade Photography bagsI think the purple bag is my favourite but it is hard to choose as i love them all. Im on the look out for more nice materials..

Happy Monday! I hope your week ahead is a good one.

j 🙂

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