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Canon 50mm 1.2 l

Canon 50 mm 1.2 L lens

O I am beyond excited to say I have finally picked up the courage to buy the Canon 50 mm 1.2 lens. I have been for the past two years or so hiring this lovely piece of kit every time I needed it for a session, or  should I say every time I felt the need to buy it. Well thankfully I have took the plunge and bought this wee lens its beyond stunning I will have so many uses for it this photo of a mother and her newborn baby was shot at an amazing 2.2 f stop and the detail is unreal for such a low aperture. I love to shot my session with my lens wide open.  For those of you who don’t know much about photography I will share as much info on lenses and camera gear along the way to suit your needs in the coming future! Watch out more camera talk coming soon.

canon 1.2 l lens

Canon 50 mm lens 1.2

shot at 2.2 f stop 1/400 shutter iso 1000 and exposure + 0.3 canon 5d mark 3 body.

Shot with natural window light along with my Jinbei daylight lamp between my windows, black material was used for backdrop.

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