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I have to confess i am addicted to buying magazines there is just something about a shinny new cover that just jumps out at me when i walk pass it calls me over and shouts out buy me crazy i know.  Well before i got married which was in the year of 1997 and while planning my dream wedding like every girl does it was the wedding magazines, my dresser at home were i lived with my parents was coming down with all sorts of these magazines, with plans and ideas of what my wedding would be like.  Its crazy when you think about how much you would pay when you are really into something the prices never really concerns you.

After the wedding was done and dusted i then quickly moved into the Home magazines well these are amazing and i have found myself back at this stage again but thats a story for another day.  Of course there was so many nice things in them that i just couldn’t resisted and after having bought our first home together i needed ideas and inspiration. I would have filled my new home with all those we cushions that said “home sweet home” and “when two hearts became one” Aw you can really see how much i am a Romantic at heart you can put your fingers down your throat at this stage if you wish.

After about three years we soon wanted to start a family and then the baby magazines came along i was reading loads of literature about babies and giving birth and all those wee prams, blankets and everything to do with babies, my bench again was filled with nursery clippings and baby clothes ideas.  So in the year 2000 my first son was born and i called him curtis he never got a middle name i wanted to just keep it simple and i think the main reason was because his dad and i had both liked the name so there wasn’t a big disagreement on what to call him.

I remember the night i was due to go to the labour suite another mother in the ward at that time who i had become friendly with asked me “what do you think your baby will look like”  i remember saying i hope he or she has blonde hair and blue eyes she looked at my hubby and laughed  “if he or she looks anything like their dad you won’t have any problems with that request” its so funny how the small things you think about just before your wee bundle of joy is born and when curtis was born he looked just like i had wished for.

Now after this and about 5 years on and i had another wee baby boy who with the choice of his dad we called him Benjamin although i really like the name Levi so we decided to give him both names.

After the baby stage i started my photography career and it was all about yes photography, exposure, aperture’s, portraits and landscapes you name it i was reading it.  I was again at that stage were i was buying magazines and dreaming that i would take all those amazing images i saw in the magazine, i really did get sucked into it and it took about a year when i finally realised its not what comes out of the camera that looks this good its what the softwares within the market that can do it for you.  Of course you have to stage, plan and set things up but its what you do on the computer that makes the images wow.

Now at the minute i am back to home magazines and i will share this story soon but for now i have just to except the known fact that apart from towels i have an addiction to magazine xo

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